Tool Kit designed for people with Vision Impairments to interact with Video gaming, VR and MR.

Accessibility in Interactive Media (Gaming)

UX Research + Inclusive Design


Understanding the use of extreme speech by Indian Politicians on Twiiter

Typological Analysis of Extreme Speech on Twitter

Data Analysis + Visualization

Business tool for Micro-Scale Business and Street Vendors


System Design + UI Design

Health Wearable + Exerciser

Product Design + UI +UX


An Augmented Reality application for the Hearing Impaired

UX + Interface + Inclusive Design


Connectivity via care for nature

Product + Speculative Design


My experiments with p5.js

Digital Art + Visualizations

Creative Coding

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ACM CHI 2019

Full Paper -Submitted

Heady Interactions: A Novel Interaction Technique using Head gestures for the Blind


Conference Demo

Video Gaming for Vision Impaired

Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development  (ICTD X) 2019

Open Session

Social Media, Politics, and the Process of Engagement in the Indian Context

International Workshop Global Perspectives on Online Extreme Speech - 2018

Full Paper

Typological analysis of extreme speech related Tweets in the context of Indian electoral politics

IOP Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2018

Full Paper

Structural Health Monitoring using Feature Extraction from Dynamic Response of the Structure

Full Paper

Computational Strategy for Structural Analysis, Design, and Optimization of Trusses Using Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization

IC-ISE 2015

Full Paper

Damage detection in large structures using modes shapes and its derivatives